Where is Living Well Counselling based?2021-01-20T13:33:25+00:00

My Counselling Practice is in the Waterside of Derry-Londonderry, not far from Lisnagelvin Shopping Centre.

It is on a local bus route and there is ample parking at the premises.

What is a counselling session like?2021-01-20T13:33:12+00:00

Counselling is a confidential conversation between 2 people that takes place in a safe, welcoming space.  Counselling sessions last for 1 hour.  At the start, the client shares some of their story with me and what is troubling them about it.

We then work collaboratively together to support the client to express and process their thoughts and feelings and begin to find a way forward.  Each counselling session is different, as every client is different.

Do you offer telephone or video appointments if I don’t live in the local area?2021-01-20T13:32:52+00:00

Yes, I offer telephone or zoom counselling sessions; whichever the client would prefer.

Some people find either of these a good option, as they feel more comfortable talking to me in their own environment.

I accept payment for telephone and video sessions via bank transfer or PayPal.

What kind of things can you help with?2021-01-20T13:31:50+00:00

I often work with people who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, those with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or personality disorder and those who have experienced a traumatic incident in their lives.

I also work with individuals who are supporting someone else with a mental health issue.  Clients also sometimes come to see me because of family relationship difficulties or work-related stress.

I have a lot of experience supporting individuals who have lived through domestic abuse and those who are grieving the death of a loved one, including those bereaved by suicide.

I also have worked extensively with individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome.  I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for clients to share their worries and work through their difficulties.

What is your ethos?2021-01-20T13:31:39+00:00

I work in partnership with my clients.  I firmly believe that you are the expert on yourself and that with the right support, you can rediscover your confidence and strengths, and move towards living a fulfilled and contented life.

What are your fees?2021-01-20T13:30:54+00:00

It is £35.00 per 1-hour session for face-to-face counselling.

It is £35.00 per 1-hour session for telephone or video counselling.

I offer reduced rates for those on a low income and students.  Just let me know if this applies to you.

What if I’m not sure if counselling is for me?2021-01-20T14:26:11+00:00

Deciding to have some counselling is a big step to take and most people feel quite nervous about their first session.

I always suggest to potential clients to try having an initial counselling session with me and at the end of the session, the person can decide if they feel comfortable to continue sessions or not.

I will never ask you to talk about anything you are not ready to discuss and will not be offended if a person decides not to continue sessions.  It’s so important to find a counsellor that you “click” with.

Can I refer a friend or family member?2021-01-20T13:28:08+00:00

If you are concerned about a friend or family member and feel they could do with some professional support, encourage them to have a look at my website and Facebook page, for them to see if they feel they would be comfortable talking with me.

Is Living Well Counselling on Social Media?2021-01-20T13:27:56+00:00

Yes. My Facebook page is called Living Well Counselling. I post on it regularly on topics relevant to achieving and maintaining good mental health.

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